Banker Fined for Dangerous Cycling

The latest example of a cyclist who thought he could ignore the law has been reported by several newspapers. In the case concerned, City banker Tanneguy De Carné, aged 53, rode through a red traffic light on Mansion House Street and then cut in front of a marked police car. He ignored the requests of officers to stop and then led them on a chase around City of London streets for 20 minutes before finally halting. That included riding furiously on pavements full of people.

He was fined £1,250 plus costs for dangerous cycling plus £1,000 for failing to stop.

And what was the response of Cycling UK? They are writing to the Court to complain about the attitude of the magistrate who made some negative comments on his behaviour and the reputation of cyclists. That will surely improve their image will it not?

Roger Lawson

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