Opposition to Cycle Superhighway 11

There is mounting opposition to Cycle Superhighway 11 in North London. This scheme includes changes to the road layout at Swiss Cottage and closure of the Outer Circle of Regents Park to traffic for much of the day.

A petition at Change.org has been organised against this scheme and already has several thousand signatures. This is what the petition organisers have to say: “Transport for London (under the charge of their “Cycling Tsar” Andrew Gilligan) are proposing to implement a catastrophically ill-planned scheme called “Cycle Superhighway 11”.

This scheme, if allowed to go ahead, will adversely affect local residents, all road users and public transport users in : Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, Avenue Road, Regents Park, St John’s Wood, Baker Street and all surrounding areas by causing TOTAL GRIDLOCK on the roads and increased air pollution to all the affected areas as a result.

It is strongly suspected that this scheme has been DELIBERATELY designed to cause maximum road congestion and make life as miserable as possible for motorists that we simply abandon our cars and vans and lorries and instead join Boris Johnson and Andrew Gilligan’s utopian “cycling-vision”.

Please help support this petition to stop Transport for London from destroying some of the nicest, greenest areas of London and turning  a major section of London into a congested car park.”

Please sign this petition at https://www.change.org/p/transport-for-london-stop-transport-for-london-s-ill-planned-cycle-superhighway-11-scheme-in-north-london if you will be affected by this scheme. It certainly appears to be the case that this is yet another example of the possible increased congestion caused by a Cycle Superhighway being ignored. In other words cyclists being favoured without any regard to the impact on other road users – or indeed any proper cost/benefit justification being provided.

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