Lambeth Reopens Loughborough Junction Roads

Lambeth Council have reopened four of the six roads they closed around Loughborough Junction, allegedly in response to a formal complaint from the London Fire Brigade. However there was an enormous amount of public opposition to the closure under an “experimental traffic scheme” that was due to last six months. The scheme frequently created gridlock and a worse environment than before.

A steering group has now been formed of stakeholders, including a group named “LJ Road Madness” who opposed the scheme and who have a Facebook page if you wish to support them. They would like the two remaining roads reopened also.

Comment: It just shows that it pays to complain and get opposition organised if your local council comes up with plans that you disagree with. London councils are often dominated by a certain kind of person (and I am talking here about both councillors and council staff) who would like to remove all road vehicles from our streets, to the enormous inconvenience of most residents and those who have to go about their business such as delivering goods, and that’s not counting the needs of the emergency services. If you need advice on how to tackle such problems, just send us an email or give us a call. See the Contact page of our web site here:

Roger Lawson

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