Croydon 20 Mph Speed Limit – Council Pushes Ahead


The London Borough of Croydon is pushing ahead with a wide area 20 mph speed limit in North Croydon, and has now published their formal public notice for its plans. But it is still not too late to stop this misconceived proposal. If you live in the area, or drive through it, make sure you submit something in writing to the council. simply send an email to  quoting reference PS/CH/Y86 before the 24th December!

Note that the public consultation that the council undertook on this scheme was the subject of fraud which is very obvious from the differing responses via the web and via post – the councillors have ignored complaints on that issue and are pushing it through regardless. It is very clear that without the fraud, the majority of residents are opposed to a 20 mph limit.

Roger Lawson

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