London Road Network – Vauxhall Cross and Wandsworth Town Centre Changes

As part of the London “Road Modernisation Programme”, Transport for London are consulting on some major changes to the Vauxhall Cross gyratory system. As anyone who has driven through the area south of Vauxhall Bridge knows well, this part of the London road network is both confusing to drivers who are not familiar with it, and also the scene of a lot of traffic congestion. It is also particularly dangerous for cyclists due to the speed of traffic and the numerous lane changes that are required. Pedestrians are also faced with confusing and indirect routes. So an improved design will surely be welcome.

The changes involve a major reconfiguration of the roads in that area to introduce two-way working. More cycle and pedestrian crossings will be provided and some segregated lanes for cyclists. Public spaces will be improved and a new central bus station provided.

The impact on vehicle journey times will be mixed with some routes slower and some faster.

Anyone who uses Vauxhall Cross should certainly look at the public consultation which is here: and of course submit your comments. You might like to let us have your comments also. Note that one of the basic things that all consultations should include for any road scheme is a cost/benefit analysis which is absent.

Wandsworth Town Centre

Transport for London are also consulting on a major change to Wandsworth Town Centre which will also remove the existing gyratory system. The changes include:

– Rerouting traffic away from the town centre by making Armoury Way two-way. Through traffic would bypass Wandsworth High Street by using Putney Bridge Road, Armoury Way, Swandon Way and Trinity Road.

– Making the High Street a more pleasant environment by allowing only buses and cyclists to use the section between Buckhold Road and Garrett lane, and restricting the rest of it to local traffic only.

– Providing better pedestrian crossings.

– Extending Cycle Superhighway Route 8 to run along Wandsworth High Street.

– Making Wandsworth Plain two-way.

According to the journey time forecasts, vehicle times might actually reduce while cyclists and pedestrian journey times appear to increase substantially (but they may be safer of course), which might not please all of them.

See for more information and to respond to the consultation. But again there is no cost/benefit analysis of these proposals, even though they may improve the attractiveness and use of the town centre.

Roger Lawson 06/12/2015

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