Euston Road to be Degraded

The Euston Road (otherwise known as the A400) is to be reduced to one lane each way for six years according to a report in the Evening Standard. This is allegedly necessary for works on HS2 between 2020 and 2026. The road currently has three lanes in each direction with one reserved as a bus lane between Regents Park and Pentonville Road and is heavily congested throughout most of the day.

Camden Council, the borough affected and which disclosed this information, are also concerned about the impact of HS2 on the local area including the demolition of homes and described it potentially as a “decade of blight”.

Comment:  There is widespread opposition to HS2 as it has many damaging impacts on local communities and is financially a totally unjustifiable project. The only people who seem keen on it are rail enthusiasts and politicians who love “grandiose” projects in the name of financial development. But there are better ways to spend the money – which has been estimated to be anywhere between £43 billion and £80 billion – if it gets delivered on time and within budget which for these kinds of projects is a big gamble.

What is most concerning is that this is yet another degradation of the road network in London as the Euston Road is a key East-West route through London. The other main East-West route is of course the Embankment/Lower Thames Street which has just been damaged and reduced to one lane by the new Cycle Superhighway. Road users suffer while train passengers and cyclists get favoured and massively subsidised.

Roger Lawson

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