Road Closures in Hackney

Transport for London are consulting on numerous road closures in Hackney, allegedly related to the Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) but in reality more likely to be in response to demands from local residents to remove traffic from some roads. Of course it won’t remove the traffic but simply move it onto other more congested roads or onto other roads where residents are less vociferous, i.e. it will move the misery elsewhere. These are typical examples of how the road network in London is continually being degraded by road closures to the disadvantage of residents and visitors under pressure from minority local groups who hate motor vehicles. It will mean most circuitous routes need to be followed to reach many properties.

The roads affected are in the Broadwater Road area, Wordsworth Road area and the De Beauvoir Road area. This is an example of one of the new junctions restricting vehicle movements but not cyclists of course on Broadwater Road:

Broadwater Road_V4.1

You can make your objections by going to this web page for the Broadwater Road area here (where there are links to the other two consultations):

Roger Lawson

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