Chelsea Bridge to Embankment – A New Kind of Junction

Transport for London have invented a new junction layout to enable cyclists to turn right by first going left and then waiting. Not only will this cause delays as they already admit, but it will surely be dangerous.  This is what I said in response to a public consultation (available here if you wish to make your own comments: ):

“This is one of daftest proposals I have seen in a long time. The proposed road layout will be exceedingly confusing for anyone who is not familiar with the junction – and yes there are people who drive in London who don’t know the roads unbelievable as you seem to think it is.

Apart from the delay to east-bound traffic, it will be positively dangerous as cyclists potentially are turning right in front of traffic on exiting from Chelsea Bridge.

Please reconsider!

This seems to be yet another attempt to favour cyclists over other traffic in the name of safety. But safe this will not be as even cyclists may not understand it and are likely to ignore the new layout. You have until the 20th March to respond to the consultation.

Roger Lawson

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