Stopping Sales of Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

Please respond to the Government consultation below about bringing forward the ban on sales of new petrol, diesel, hybrid cars and vans from 2040 to 2035 or even earlier. The ABD believes that free market forces should dictate when and if petrol, diesel and hybrids can be replaced and by what. Electric Vehicle (EV) cars and vans aren’t suitable for heavy use such as towing caravans or powering Motorhomes, whereas hybrids are a useful compromise.

It is also clear that EVs might also be banned as the additional requirement for the electricity supply network will be substantial. In effect some people are advocating a complete ban on private car ownership in the future.

The Government consultation details are here: . You can respond with a simple email.


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1 thought on “Stopping Sales of Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

  1. To stop sales of petrol & diesel vehicals is a big mistake. Their is nothing more affective or efficient.
    Electric vehicals are not & no good to people who have no way of charging them at home plus their range is not sufficient for many jobs & they are not greener. The infrastructure needed is massive & expensive & not efficient.

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