Mayor Proceeds with Expansion of ULEZ

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that the proposed expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to within the North/South Circular will go ahead in 2021.

This will mean that it will cost you £12.50 per day (365 days per year and at all times) to drive within that area from 2021 if you drive an older car (roughly diesel cars/vans more than 6 years old in 2021 and petrol cars/vans more than 15 years old). There will also be heavy charges for non-compliant HGVs and buses. The only concessions the Mayor has made is for an extra 4 years for disabled vehicles and for charity minibuses. He claims “staunch support” for these proposals but only 56% of respondents to the consultation supported it – and that after a very biased consultation report.

In reality this scheme is a very expensive solution to cleaning up London’s air when not only is that happening already as older vehicles are scrapped, but there are also better alternatives. It imposes major costs on Londoners out of all proportion to the benefits. Read our previous blog post on this topic for more background: . In summary for a total cost of £516 million to London vehicle users, the health benefit is valued at £7.1 million over 5 years. This is surely one of the most ineffective uses of financial resources ever devised.

Not only that, the infrastructure to be put in place for this scheme will enable the Mayor to introduce congestion charging schemes in future over most of London. Will it be demolished once it is no longer needed as the vehicle fleet is modernised? Don’t bet on it.

Note that the ABD supports improvements to London’s air quality because there are certain locations where it is clearly a significant problem. Focussing on transport alone will not solve it though. Likewise penalising older diesel vehicle owners is not fair when they were bought in good faith and encouraged by Government aims to reduce CO2 emissions – and doing so will have only a minor impact. What we have is political posturing where the Mayor wants to be seen as doing something while he is fixing his budget problems at the same time by the money to be raised from the ULEZ. It’s an ignorant policy led by an ignorant politician.

More information in the Mayor’s Press Release here: .


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10 thoughts on “Mayor Proceeds with Expansion of ULEZ

    • The figure given for health benefit is in the supporting documents issued by the Mayor with the ULEZ consultation. Buried deep in there so few people noticed!

  1. OK well I found the reference. In this document:

    But it’s actually the ABD that provides this figure!

    “ABD carried out their own cost benefit analysis
    which they claim shows the cost to vehicle users is £516 million, while the
    health benefit is £7.1million. ”

    So my question remains. Where’s the data for this figure from?

  2. You are looking at the wrong document. That figure was taken from a document published by TfL which is among those on the link I provided. I can assure you neither I nor the ABD invented it. You need to wade through all of them to find it because it is now many months since I did so and I cannot recall exactly where it is.

    • So you’re not prepared to provide the source for that data? If you are going to make arguments with figures and projections, you need to back them up. If you can’t back them up with evidence, you should not be using them in your arguments.

      • I pointed you to the evidence but you are clearly not willing to spend any time reviewing it. So you’ll have to remain ignorant.

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